Newport Food Tours – We know what's cooking in Newport! 

A guided, customized food tour is a great way to get acquainted with a city, and Newport has a lot to offer. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, bachelorette/bachelor party or just looking to explore Newport's food scene, we will customize the perfect experience for you.

At Newport Food Tours, we are seasoned food, beverage and service professionals. We want to introduce you to a tasty universe full of fun and delicious food created by a group of very talented, local chefs. They are firm believers in ‘farm-to-table’ - and they are constantly experimenting in order to create new and exciting dishes.

Over the course of approximately two hours, we will take you to various Newport restaurants where you will taste a range of high quality, modern American cuisine with a twist of fusion. While you indulge in the excellent dishes the restaurants have prepared, we at Newport Food Tours will make sure that you learn about the food and are introduced to the considerations behind the chefs' pledges to quality.

All of the restaurants are located in the ‘hidden’ Broadway Area – so the distance we will be walking is modest; instead we will spend our time learning… and eating!

We will also be tasting craft beer and local wine.