Health Benefits of Oatmeal – Daily Consumption of Oats

health benefits of oatmeal

One of the most important before you starting the day is having breakfast. The body requires good energy to run the day. By having breakfast you will get more positive energy, keep the concentration, prevent ulcer disease, and of course, make your body healthy and many more positive benefits. What is your breakfast today? Is it fried rice? Or is it Sandwich? Or you take Oats? However, you must wisely choose the best meal for your healthy breakfast. If you make oats for your daily breakfast, it means you do the right for your healthy life. Try to change your breakfast menu with oats.

There are so many kinds of breakfast menu, but why is it advisable to take oats? Because, it has a lot of fibers that are good for digestion, carbohydrate, and protein moreover it contains kinds of nutrients that the body needs. Therefore, it is not a surprise that oat has an incredibly benefits. Having a bowl of your oats every morning then you will be ready to start the day with a smile and full of good energy.
Already find yourself wondering what the benefits of daily consumption of oats are?

Here are the remarkable Health Benefits of Oatmeal

  • It is good for the health of heart; the regular use of oat is right for your heart. It’s also reducing the possibility of heart disease. It contains a considerable amount of omega 3 and too high in soluble fibers and beta-glucan. Beta glucan is active to lower the total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or the bad cholesterol. Some of the researchers indicate that the effect of daily consumption of 3-6 grams beta-glucan per day decreased the bad cholesterol. Because of the positive impact from the regular use of oats, it makes oats claimed as a good meal for the health of the heart.
  • It controls the level of sugar in the blood; the content of fiber-rich of oat considered to be postponing the glucose absorption and glycemic respond. It’s good news for the person with diabetes. They can consume it quietly. It’s active to control the level of sugar in the blood, prevent the increase of sugar after eating. It recommended taking oats for diabetic’s meal to stabilize the sugar in the blood.
  • It is the source of sound energy; as mentioned above that oat is the source of good energy, the content of high fibers and complex carbohydrate. Therefore it is preferred to eat in the morning as a breakfast before you are going to work outside of the home for a long time.
  • It helps to lose weight; by consuming the oats, your tummy feels full for longer. It’s adorable for your diet menu. You can add some pieces of fruits, and you will be full on the day then refuse to get another snack.
  •  It avoids cancer; cancer is the most common disease in this country and many others. It’s such a frightening disease. Some of the researchers said that people who consume high fibers meal are reducing the risk of breast cancer. According to several studies which have been held in the United States said that oat has protective elements to against cancer. So, it’s advisable to consume oats every day to reduce more than 10% the risk of cancer.
  • It is perfect for your beauty; in addition to known as a great healthy meal, oat is also offering goodness for beauty. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It uses for face treatment as a mask or another treatment. It helps you to resolve the pimples and blackheads for sensitive skin. You can also apply on your skin as a natural treatment. For example, you can mix the oats and moisturizer to exfoliate your face. It’s excellent, safe, and economical as any other cosmetics.

The ways of consuming oats

So, how to enjoy the excellent taste of oats? How to enjoy the goodness of oats as a beauty product?
Here are some ideas to incorporate this beautiful super grain:

  1. Healthy breakfast menu; take the raw oats and add some of milk or yogurt and make it smoothie. Some add it directly to their orange juice. This way help you prevent constipation and also give you all the necessary energy to face the day. You can also add some pieces of fruits into a bowl of oats. It’s delicious!
  2. Another way to enjoy this super grain is to make an oatmeal cake; it prefers at snack time. Combine it with some of the fruits, varieties of coconut, almond, walnuts, and other tasty ingredients to transform it into sweet, creamy, and satisfying oatmeal cakes.
  3. The best combination for salad; do you love salad? Consider putting a unique touch of oats to your mixture. Take the chop onion, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, lettuce, grated carrots, or another fruit, and finally, add the oats then you must cook it for about 25 minutes. You can put some of the salt into the water if you prefer, after that drain it.
  4. For your beauty skin; there are so many kinds of recipes to get your beauty product with this cereal. For example, make a natural mask with oat and honey to make moist on your face. But if you have sensitive skin, have a problem with the pimples, try to make this oat, tomato, and lemon as a mask; it helps you to reduce the pimples and redness.

Those all are the excellent benefits of oats, and some ideas to enjoy it. There are a thousand recipes to make your oatmeal breakfast and beauty products with oats. You can find them on your Google!

The research of oats promotes that the fiber-rich content of oats has a vital role in keeping the health of the heart, primarily to reduce the total cholesterol and LDL. It also shows that the fibers help to control the level of blood sugar so that people with diabetes can safely consume it. It’s time to make a healthy life. Have great benefits of oats by drinking it daily.

Green Smoothies – Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

best meal replacement shakes for weight loss

Start your day with the healthy meal. After we know benefit of shrimp and walnut now i want to discuss benefit of green smoothies. Green smoothies are the complete daily meal which brings valuable nutrients for health and full of benefits. It’s entirely blending of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and water, just easy to serve. It would be delightful for making your green smoothies. If you don’t like the green leafy vegetables, green smoothies are such an ideal solution to enjoy the extraordinary benefits in good taste. Green smoothies are bringing the green leafy vegetables for your health together with the delicious flavor. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

There are a lot of variations and multipurpose ingredients to have your favorite smoothies. Green smoothies are the creativity of dish; there is no limit for the recipes. So you can serve even more massive and powerful green smoothies. For examples:

You may add two to three ginseng capsules in your smoothie

  • Put a tablespoon of pure vegetable protein powder, the alkaline lupine, to keep the high protein smoothie.
  • Make a powerful smoothie by adding a necessary herbal and fruit powder, four to six capsules of mace, a spoonful of spirulina or chlorella, a spoon Nettle seeds or even a spoon silicon colloid for healthy hair and smooth elasticity skin
  • Prepare massive smoothies and instead of fruit, avocados, hearty flavor it with herbs, some crystal salt or herbal salt, and then serve as a tasty soup.

What should do if you have no time?

For some reason, you may have no time for the preparation of making your green smoothies. So, how to get the sweet green smoothies as if already fix and finish as a powder and instantly mix only with water, but not just a cosmetic that consists of cheap fillers and lowest artificial flavor. Indeed, it should be an excellent meal, in any case, fulfill with an unmatched wealth of vibrant antioxidant and nutrients.

High-quality smoothies powder contain fruits and leafy vegetables. It consists of more different fruits, including berries and exotic for their procurement on the road for hours. Also depending on the type of spinach or wild vegetables are also and herbs. As an extra, the powder smoothies also have potent superfoods such as mace, chlorella and the acai and psyllium as intestine nurturing particular ingredient supply. Vegetable proteins round out the recipes and ensure sustainable saturation and satisfaction.

Here, the first smoothie recipe is green leafy vegetables, fruits, and water.
Remember that do not belong in the Green Smoothie root and tuberous vegetables or vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower.

This is the way to serve your green smoothies:

Preparation: Give 200 milliliters of water together with 150 grams crushed Greens of your choice in a blender. Mix about 1 to 2 minutes. Add 150 grams of crushed fruits and mix again, until a homogeneous drink originated. If still too heavy, dilute it with water.

Tips: if you own a powerful blender like the Vita-mix or the personal Blender, you can put all together and roughly crushed in the mixer the ingredients. In such devices, the smoothie is already done within a short time (about 30 seconds).

Avoided too great mixing because otherwise too much heat, which can damage the heat-sensitive nutrients. Also based on  it is best to put the soft ingredients on the first layer on your blender while you can put the hardest one on the top. It will help the blender easier to crush all the ingredients.

Wondering, what kinds of green leafy vegetables can be used?

Here they are:

  • Wild greens such as dandelion, chickweed, logon, white Goosefoot, plantain, etc.
  • Herbs such as parsley, Mint, Dill, Basil, oregano, etc.
  • Sprouts such as alfalfa, broccoli, sunflower seeds, etc. (but not legume sprouts)
  • Green culture vegetables such as spinach, perennials celery leaves, chard, bounce (Kale), Arugula and field salad and
  • Sheets such as carrots, radish, kohlrabi, etc.

Finally, the goal is consumption the green leafy vegetables to at least 100 grams per day and upwards, there are almost no limits. You can start slowly with about 20 grams per day and Smoothie and increase the number of leaf vegetables continuously on for example two smoothies daily per 50 grams or more leafy green vegetables.
By the time, you will notice that you will love the green and also the taste.

Newport Food Tours – We know what’s cooking in Newport!

newport food tour

Newport is famous for its delicious seafood cuisine. One of my favorites food is walnut Shrimp. Besides being tasty, the shrimp has many benefits and nutrient content contained therein. Everyone here will surely know the delights of the Walnut Shrimp. But not all the people know the facts and benefits of fiber walnut shrimp for our health. It’s kind we see in advance what effects and benefits of shrimp and walnut to our health that I have the auto-summary.

Newport Food Tours – Facts and benefits of shrimp

1. Shrimp balances hormones

Shrimp can balance the hormones that are present in our body. The protein contains a lot of shrimp in it. These proteins can also be used to form the muscle mass.

2. Prevent Cancer

In addition to having plenty of protein, shrimp has also contained selenium. The many levels of selenium can increase the levels of minerals in preventing cancer.

3. Shrimp as a source of Omega 3

Some people rarely consume a lot of shrimp is considered the source of the evil cholesterol or LDL levels that have high. But the shrimp have a top source of omega three which is essential for our brain. According to a study in 4 ounces of shrimp contain Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) by 50% and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) by 30%. The content of both DHA and EPA are significant to our heart organ and preserve the health of our nervous system.

4. Shrimp as a source of protein

Shrimp in addition to having lots of omega 3, as well as many, contain protein. As we know the high protein content can have benefits for our body, so the protein is capable of as a source of energy for the body, forming, shaping the body hormones enzymes, transport, and storage of the molecules of the body and as a shaper of antibodies.

5. Cure Anemia

Shrimp also contain some other vitamins in it that are B12, Kolin, niacin, pantothenic acid and even B6. B vitamins are used to stabilize blood pressure and can prevent the disease anemia.

Facts and benefits of walnuts

Walnut nut is a type of nut is healthy for our bodies. These beans contain iron, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C, unsaturated fats, calories, calcium, and magnesium. The following benefits of nuts: walnut

1. Antioxidants

Walnut nut beneficial to prevent the effects of free radicals and have high in Antioxidants. Antioxidants is decidedly good for the body dispels health disorders resulting from exposure to free radicals.

2. Healthy Heart

Like shrimp that has a content of omega 3, nuts walnuts also contain lots of omega 3. Omega 3 can prevent the heart we are stricken with the disease dangerous.

3. Preventing diabetes and anticancer

This bean contains many minerals and vitamins that are good for the sugar levels in the blood. As well as vitamin c and minerals can prevent damage to the body that can lead to cancer cells.

4. Remove fat from blood vessels

The fat that is in the blood vessels can be eliminated by consuming walnuts nuts. By eating walnuts nuts on a regular basis can prevent a buildup of fats in your blood vessels.

Thats all for my auto-summary about shrimp and walnut. Don’t forget to visit Newport Seafood Restaurant as mention in this video to try this Walnut Shrimp.